For Our Caretakers

For Our Caretakers


Twelve days ago, we asked you to help New York, our hometown. 

With your donations, we raised $825! This allowed us to purchase:

  • 8 boxes of surgical masks
  • 1 giant container of sanitizer gel
  • 100 N95 masks
  • We also received a donated box of surgical masks from our friends at AcuDepot
  • ... and with remaining funds, we chipped in for a group order to manufacture masks overseas
Over the course of last week, we donated the supplies both directly to caregivers and through friends who work in hospitals. This included:
  • Methodist Hospital
  • New York Community Hospital
  • SUNY Downstate Medical Center
  • Kings County Hospital
  • A private local primary care clinic


While it might be easy to write off $825 compared to Apple's 10-million-masks promise and major manufacturers switching their production lines to ventilators, every little bit counts. When supplies run critically low, it's not the 10-million that get you through the day, it's the one or two that are immediately available. 

For everyone who donated, Boris and I want to say THANK YOU!! For everyone who wrote to us with encouragement, thank you as well! It's a scary time, but we will get through it together, even if togetherness means being 6 feet or 6 miles or 6 time zones away.

Your support means a lot. 

Roman & Boris, 
CoFounders, Dragon Bood Balm
Human Beings

PS. Still hoping to help out? You can do three things: First, make sure you practice proper health & hygiene - wash your hands, try not to go out too often, and cover yourself when you do go. Second, reach out to see how you can help locally - it could be your local hospital and doctor, it could be donating to a food bank, it could be checking in on your friends and neighbors to make sure they're ok. Last, support small and medium-sized businesses by buying directly from them. These businesses employ locally and keep money rotating within their community. If a business doesn't sell anything, it can't pay payroll, and that ends up affecting everyone. By shopping locally, we can keep people employed. 

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