Why we get aches and dryness with the changing seasons 🍂/❄️

Why we get aches and dryness with the changing seasons 🍂/❄️

Fall is here and winter isn't too far behind. For many, that means a season of aches and dryness, especially as the weather changes.

Still - it's normal for the body to change and adapt to the weather!

What Happens

Aches are often the result of changes in barometric pressure and falling temperatures. The pressure can cause your tendons and joints to swell, while the lower temperatures can cause your blood vessels to contract, leading to reduced blood flow.

Dryness often occurs when low-humidity air saps moisture from your skin. In some cases this can cause the skin to start turning white, flake, or even crack.

Healing & Repair

Dragon Blood Balm can be helpful during these times, on its own or as a compliment to your existing skin-care routine.

For cracks and dryness, our herbs and base oils help accelerate the healing process. Meanwhile, beeswax locks in your body's existing moisture from being sapped away.

For aches, herbs such as dragon blood resin, mugwort, and safflower can increase micro-circulation and plant-derived menthol helps with localized pain, offsetting the aches from barometric pressure.

This makes Dragon Blood Balm an effective "all-in-one" balm for the changing weather.

Layering Topicals

Many people end up using multiple skin care solutions, including during the winter. We support that!

However, it's important to understand how different topicals work when using them together:

  • Alcohol-based topicals get quickly absorbed by the skin and penetrate deeply into your body. However, being an alcohol, it can also dry your skin out during the process.
  • Oils and creams get absorbed over time. If you skin is dehydrated, it will absorb nutrients more slowly than healthy skin. 
  • Wax-based solutions (including those containing beeswax) tend to create a protective layer on your skin. This can help lock nutrients and moisture from leaving your body, but prevent anything new from entering as well.

Dragon Blood Balm is an oil and wax-based topical. If you use  so we recommend applying it on top of any alcohol/oil/lotion based cremes and below any wax-based solutions.

Happy wintering!

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