Introducing Our Evil Bone Water Bundle

Introducing Our Evil Bone Water Bundle

We often get questions about how we deal with deep tissue injuries, dense muscles, pulled ligaments, and large bruises.

Those deep tissues and dense muscles need a lot of penetrating power. That's why we're super excited to partner with Saint Apothecary to introduce Evil Bone Water into our lineup.

Evil Bone Water penetrates bone-deep to provide pain relief, reduce swelling, and increase blood circulation. Used in combination with Dragon Blood Balm, you get a fantastic two-hit combo for repair, relief, and recovery from skin to bone.

More Details:

  • Evil Bone Water is a plants-and-alcohol-based topical solution made in the USA with high quality herbs.
  • It's designed to penetrate bone-deep to help with pain relief (arthritic, back, deep tissue); as treatment for sports injuries, sprains, strains, soreness and cramps; for promoting blood circulation; for reducing bruising and swelling; and for speeding up tissue recovery. It's also highly effective for dense muscles such as thighs and glutes where our oil-and-wax based balm has a harder time reaching.
  • It's easy to use: apply Evil Bone Water to affected areas by using a cotton ball. Let it get absorbed and dry for a few minutes. Then, apply Dragon Blood Balm on top to lock in the effects and bring in additional recovery and relief benefits.

It's fantastic for martial arts practitioners, athletes, grandparents, and anyone seeking long-lasting and deep-penetrating pain relief. We're excited for you to give it a try!

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