Dragon Blood Balm - 1 Month Size

Dragon Blood Balm - 1 Month Size

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An all-natural balm designed to help repair your skin and strengthen your muscles and tendons after a workout. Based on a traditional Chinese formula used by martial arts practitioners for hundreds of years, and designed for today's climbers, crossfit, and other hands-on athletes.


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Xue Jie (“Dragon Blood” Tree Resin), Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Hempseed Oil, Mo Yao (Myrrh Resin), Ru Xiang (Frankincense Resin), Su Mu (Sappan Wood), Zi Cao (Arnebia Lithospermi), Bo He (Peppermint), Ai Ye (Artemisia Vulgaris), Hong Hua (Safflower), Dang Gui (Angelica Sinensis), Bai Zhi (Radix Angelicae Dahuricae), Huang Qi (Astragalus Root), Bo He Nao (Plant-Derived Menthol Crystals) 


Dragon Blood Balm is designed for both preventative use and also to respond to the wear and tear of life. Whether you're a musician or a rock climber, dealing with dry skin or age-related wear, Dragon Blood Balm can help:

  • Getting Warmed Up (before activity)
  • Ripped Skin and Minor Cuts
  • Bruises
  • Cracked Fingertips
  • Eczema
  • Tennis Elbow & Chronic Tendonitis
  • Minor Burns, including Sunburn
  • ... and more


Dragon Blood Balm was inspired by a Traditional Chinese Medicine formula called Dit Da Jow. Used by martial arts practitioners for hundreds of years as a recovery ointment after Iron Palm training, we've adapted and refined as an easy-to-apply balm for anyone that could use a little extra help in repairing their skin and helping their muscles and tendons recover.

Whereas many popular pain relief and recovery ointments today rely on menthol to provide a tingling, cooling sensation of help, Dragon Blood Balm uses 15 different oils and herbs to go deeper into your skin, muscles, and tendons to promote microcirculation, activate anti-inflammatory responces, and encourage natural autophagy to clear out broken cells and restart the healing process. Our formula contains only the stuff you need to heal yourself, and nothing more. We don't water it down, so just a little bit will take you a long way. Any if you have any questions, we're always here to help you get the answers you need.




Plant Based,
Small Batch

Hand Made
in NYC

Designed For
Extra Strength


Dragon Blood Balm is handmade in small batches in New York City.

Each batch is personally signed and numbered by our team. With each batch, we strive to improve quality so that you're always getting a better balm.


1. Make sure your hands are dry and clean.
2. Use the back of your fingernail to scoop up a small amount of balm.
3. Rub vigorously into your skin and fingers.

We recommend using it twice a day for a few days after any strenuous activity, or daily to help keep your skin, muscles, and tendons strong.

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